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Mushroom Fettuccine with Burrata

Tamas Szel a very well know hungarian cook who always has brilliant ideas, and puts a twist on simple foods. I made his version of Mushroom fettuccine with Burrata. It was easy to make , light and full of flavor. The bonus is you can make it with the preparation work in 20 minutes.


Fettuccine pasta – 500 g
Olive oil – 0.5 dl
Mushrooms: mixed variations cut into rustic pieces – 600 g
Shallots – 2 heads
Garlic – 2 cloves
White wine, dry – 0.5 dl
Whipping cream – 1-1.5 dl
Parsley – 1 bouquet- finely chopped
Provolone cheese – 10 dkg

Salt and Pepper for taste


Put a large pot of water to cook the pasta. When it is boiled put a salt in it. Thrown the pasta into hot water and cooked for less than two minutes compared to the time indicated on the packaging.
In a frying pan, on a little olive oil, toasted mushrooms which is cut into smaller or larger pieces. Add a finely chopped onion and sliced ​​garlic. When the mushroom is brown, add salt and sprinkle with a little dry white wine, which is has to completely evaporated. When the pasta is done poured into the fried onion mushroom mix, and sprinkled with a few spoonfuls of pasta water and a little cream.
Simmer the mushroom-cream pasta for a minute or two, then pull it off and sprinkle evenly with grated Provolone cheese. Mix it, be creamy juicy!
Throw in handmade Burrata pieces and sprinkle evenly with Provolone cheese, freshly ground pepper, a few drops of olive oil, sprinkle with finely chopped parsley and serve immediately.


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