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Naan with Turk’y Cutlet and Greens

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Greek food is a common occurrence in my home. These naan  wraps are bursting with flavor from the crispy  cutlets to the fresh tzatziki and lot of greens on top. These are so hearty, a full meal within themselves. I  make these for dinner and never leave the table hungry! This is  a very  versatile recipe  because it can be made  using a lot of kind ingredients at once .


A love to add  tzatziki  to my naan bread or pita  because has such a fresh taste and really adds  a great kick  of it.



Naan with Turk'y Cutlet and Greens
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  1. 4  medium naan  bread
  2. 1 pack Gardein Turk's Cutlet ( bake on 400 F about 20-25 minutes. )
  3. 4 cup mixed green
  4. 2 ripe  sliced avocado
  5. 2 cup  tzatziki
  6. 1 large sliced  red onion
  1. Tzatziki can bought ready or made at home with 1 cup of drained greek yogurt, one clove of mashed garlic, one finely chopped cucumber , 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 2 tbsp fresh  chopped dill, salt, pepper.
  2. Add the yogurt in a bowl, the oil, the garlic, squeeze out any excess water from the cucumber with your hands, then stir cucumber into the yogurt mixture and add some salt, pepper and the dill.
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