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Pea Soup

Soup | June 23, 2014 | By



400 g  fresh peas

small onion finely chopped

2 medium carrots diced

4  celery  stick diced

large bunch of parsley finely chopped

50 ml of vegetable oil

500 ml vegetable broth

2 tablespoons of white flour

1 tablespoon of Hungarian paprika powder

salt, pepper

1 egg for the nokedli pasta

100g flour for the nokedli pasta


Gently fry the chopped onion in the oil , when translucent add the flour, stir around till it just starts to develop a light colour.
Pull the pan off the heat, add the Hungarian paprika powder, combine. Paprika easily burns so need to work quickly at this stage. Put the rue mixture onto the heat again, make sure it’s bubbling then gradually pour in the vegtable broth while stirring vigorously for a smooth lump free consistency.
Add the peas, carrots and celery , cover and cook on medium heat
Meanwhile prepare the “nokedli” pasta. Beat the eggs then gradually add the flour and work it into a smooth wet dough consistency. With a nokedli maker add the noodles into the soup.Finally add the freshly chopped parsley and serve.



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