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Ricotta Cheese Bar

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This is a homey bar that is well worth the wait.


25 dkg flour

20 dkg powder sugar

1tsp baking powder

500dkg ricotta cheese

2  grated lemon zest  and 1 lemon juice

2 pkg vanilla sugar

10 dkg raisins

10 dkg unsalted butter

4 dl milk

3 eggs


In a small bowl combine the top 3 ingrediens.In the other  bowl  whisk together ricotta cheese,raisins,lemon zest,  lemon juice,vanilla sugar,and set aside.

In a greased,parchment paper lined  rectangular baking pan, pour half of the  mixed flour  .Scrape   the ricotta mix on top of that , and  sprinkle a remaining dried ingredients.

Mix together a milk, 3 eggs, and a soften unsalted butter, and pour over the third layer.

Bake in a preheated 350F oven for 30-35 minutes.

Keep in the pan and let the bar cool to room temperature.Serve  with sift icing sugar on the top.


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